Curatal The Pioneer Puts You Ahead

Discover Curatal FIPO, the pioneering interview process outsourcing solution. You can now make your talent acquisition process super smooth by making the interview process, the most critical link the strongest. Yes,Curatal FIPO can help in making every hire faster, better and @lesser (cost).

Factors That Curatal FIPO Uses To Make Every Hire
Faster Better And More Affordable

Panel of 5,000+ Technical Experts

  • 5+ years of interviewing experience.
  • 100% panelists certified by qualified experts.
  • Less than 10% reschedules due to Interviewers pre-occupation.
  • One in every three shortlisted candidates can be a prospective offer.
  • 87% satisfaction scores by candidates.

Strong Technology Backbone

  • Cloud architecture.
  • Application tracking system.
  • Reports.
  • Web service application.
  • Cross platform and multi-devices service.

500+ Skill Areas

  • We assess every skill in the tech field.
Proven Process with Freedom to Scale

  • Proven product that has delivered result.
  • Focus on human touch- to motivate and inspire trust.
  • Have won the confidence of candidates .
  • No limit on number of interviews – think it, we do it.

Most importantly, a Pioneering Interview Process Outsourcing Solution

  • We work with leading tech companies.
  • Curatal FIPO’s leadership is a result of innovation in technology and transformational processes.
1+ Million Interviews/ Assessments completed

  • 250,000+ Interviews/Assessments Per Year!.
  • 200+ Global IT Customers

Complete Range of FIPO Services

Curatal V-Select

Curatal V-Select is backed by the state-of-the-art video evaluation platform. The tool and process offers flexibility for the recruiters to focus on HR activities like candidate sourcing, reviewing for best fit and onboarding.

Unique features of Curatal V-Select

  • Creating an ATS instance for every customer
  • Spawn a unique secure database to store candidate data
  • Organize & Record of full-length interviews
  • Active whiteboarding to engage the candidate while interviewing
  • Instant feedback on cloud
  • Access to reports on demand

Curatal V-Smart

Curatal V-Smart enables you to get access to top of the line curated candidates pre assessed by Subject Matter Experts. For organizations on high growth path, faster access to quality talent is always the most prized asset. Curatal understands this as a preferred partner and has painstakingly built up a large pool of 500,000+ curated profiles across levels and skill areas that organizations can dip into. All these profiles have been evaluated through proven processes, which means you have a quality hire.

Talk to us about your organizational needs. Our product managers can help you access the right kind of profiles that you can shortlist and subsequently, select. Choose Curatal V-Smart for curated talent. The future of talent acquisition is here.

Curatal V-Hacks

Curatal V-Hacks enables you to conduct Hackathons and to hire the best software developers. In Curatal V-Hacks, you can conduct online programming challenges on all leading coding languages like Java, C, C++, Javascript, Python and many more. Hackathons will help you evaluate hands-on technical skills and test data structures & algorithms. Curatal V-Hacks helps you promote your online coding challenges via social media, campus coordinators and through Curatal channels. Encourage thousands of developers to participate.

Curatal V-Hacks enables automated assessment of coding skills and thus hire the best developers. Curatal V-Hacks coding tests are supported by Web-based Code Editor, which requires no installation. The Web-based editor supports code indentation, reserved keyword highlighting and display of compilation errors. Code can be executed with custom inputs to verify the output manually before submission.

Cheating Prevention

The platform provides capabilities to conduct all online assessments in a fair manner.

WebCam Monitoring

The candidate is monitored via webcam to ensure that there is no impersonation and that the candidate does not communicate with others in person or using mobile during the test.

Random Pooling

Each candidate taking the test can be given a smaller set of questions that are randomly selected from a large pool of questions.

Windows Proctoring

The test window is proctored. If the candidate navigates away from the test window (for instance, to use Google Search), multiple warnings are given. If the warnings are ignored, the test is ended immediately, and a red flag is raised in the report.

Copy Detection

When code submissions by any two candidates are too similar (>85% similarity), a red flag is raised indicating possible code plagiarism.

Curatal V-Events

Curatal V-Events endeavours to deliver bespoke online recruiting events. The idea is to bring a pool of curated highly qualified, diverse, and talented individuals to apply to open positions.

Curatal's unique process involves researching the Talent market, identifying potential talent, interview and preselect suitable candidates.

Curatal offers to scan the market for job seekers, sell the opportunity, identify the interested candidates & interview candidates to find the best match. Curatal brings curated talent to an online recruiting event for employers to evaluate & acquire Talent.

Curated Talent hiring events are a great way for employers and job seekers to find each other and make the perfect match.

Curatal V-Pipe

Curatal helps you with Proactive Talent Pipe Creation for Critical Skills by identifying and actively recruiting potential candidates with specialized skills and expertise in order to build a pool of qualified talent for future job openings.

Each event is tailored to the individual hiring needs of the employer and designed to help employers find the right talent. Curatal helps clients proactively engage candidates with customized messages, offers, and incentives in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Curatal assists you with the goal to create a strong and reliable virtual bench for future hiring needs.