Senior Software Developer - S3

Company : Esn Technologies India Private Limited
Job Description
Job Description
Key Responsibilities:
Develop health and wellness software applications and services that are secure, scalable, resilient, performant, and extensible.
Develop compelling and engaging user interfaces for all types of users that are powered by a highly secure and robust microservices architecture.
Write, review, and improve software so that it delivers a flawless, reliable, and enjoyable user experience.
Collaborate with team members in many geographical locations to bring out the best that the team has to offer.
Provide your unique perspective during the architectural, design, and development phases to help us realize collective brilliance.
Practice a learning mindset, soliciting and leveraging feedback to grow and thrive while helping to improve processes, practices, and our use of industry leading technologies.
Work closely with a diverse team that includes software developers, product managers, UX/UI designers, and manual and automated quality assurance engineers.
Skills & Experience:
Strong problem solving skills to rapidly develop sound and maintainable solutions.
Strong teamwork, communication, and collaboration skills
3+ years of experience with C#.NET.
2+ years of experience with front-end JavaScript libraries such as React.
1+ years of experience with C# microservices development.
1+ years of experience with TypeScript.
Knowledgeable about:
SOLID software design principles and object-oriented patterns.
Microservices patterns and best practices.
SQL database queries with ACID principles. We use Microsoft SQL Server.
NET LINQ (Language-Integrated Query) in C#.
Development testing including unit tests with mocking, integration tests, services endpoint testing.
OAuth and OpenID Connect for Authorization and Authentication.
Application performance, scalability, instrumentation, telemetry (e.g. Splunk, Amplitude).
Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment pipeline and distributed revision control (e.g. Git, Jenkins)
Writing technical enabler user stories
Familiar with:
NET Core, ASP.NET, and RESTful web service development. We are primarily developing back-end code within a microservices architecture.
Babel, Webpack, ESLint, Jest, Enzyme and various other JavaScript build and test libraries.
Agile software development principles and practices. We use a combination of SCRUM and Kanban practices.
Message Broker systems (RabbitMQ or Apache Kafka) and their use in asynchronous microservices architecture
Performance testing with tools such as K6
NuGet package manager
Software as a Service (SaaS)
Equivalent experience to a BA/BS degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Human Computer Design Engineering, User Experience, or one of these degrees.
5+ years as a Software Developer
3+ years of experience writing web application software that includes a combination of user facing (front-end) and microservices and database oriented (back-end) software.
You have a portfolio of your work that you are proud to show
Excellent written and verbal communications skills