Software Engineer - S5

Company :
Job Description
Job Overview

What you’ll be doing:

As a Software Engineer II, you are responsible for the development, performance, and scaling of our services as well as internal systems. You will work independently and will also be responsible for making technical decisions within a team.

Important aspects of the job include:

● Rapidly developing next-generation scalable, flexible, and high-performance systems

● Self-starters with a collaborative, “can-do” attitude

● Solving issues with the systems, prioritizing based on customer impact

● Advocating development best practices within the team

● Be owner for teams’ micro-services and services

● Acting as an intermediary for problems, with both technical and non-technical


● Understanding the business processes and how to best support our

customers or clients (ex accommodations, attractions, flights, etc) while supporting the Payments department within the company with appropriate systems and tools

● Contributing to the growth of through interviewing, on-boarding, or other recruitment efforts

What you’ll bring:

We are looking for driven developers who enjoy solving problems, who initiate solutions and discussions and who believe that any challenge can be scaled with the right mindset and tools.

We have found that people who match the following requirements are the ones who fit us best:

● Minimum of 3 years of software development experience; using 2 or more server-side programming languages. Experience with Java is a must

● Experience with micro-services is a must

● Experience with building highly scalable distributed systems and batch

processing pipelines with a focus on data integrity

● Experience with multiple RDMS (MySQL, Hadoop, Cassandra)

● Experience with unit, integration, and end-to-end testing paradigms

● Experience with Payments Compliance Policies is a plus

● Experience with defining and upholding SLOs/KPIs and participating in

architecture reviews for systems

● Past experience with payments or FinTech is a plus

● Experience with security challenges for authentication and authorization

● Experience with big data challenges is a must

● Experience of working on products that impact a large customer base and

have a company-wide impact

● Excellent communication; written and spoken.