PL/SQL Developer - S3

Company : Coforge
Job Description
•Very Strong Knowledge of plsql ,Oracle database and DBA tasks.

•Can Independently work in complex data environment and develop/maintain application.

•Knowledge oracle database , schema and object level.

•Develop Perl and shell scripts for parsing the incoming file's data and loading them into the database.

•Develop complex PL/SQL packages, procedures, functions for the application, according to business requirements in Linux and database

•Modify, maintain and develop PL/SQL codes for new customer requirements which involve cursors, functions, procedures, triggers and collections.

•Can Work on the oracle complex SQL queries and PL/SQL objects like functions, procedures, packages, triggers, views, cursors, synonyms.

•Can independently Develop and support application based on plsql, perl, bash.

•Familiar with release, change , incident management.

•Enhance existing application code to accommodate new requirements.