23 May 2023
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Interview Process Outsourcing (IPO)
- a Curatal Perspective 8 mins read

“The key is in not spending time, but in investing it.”

- Stephen R. Covey

Recruiters across organisations spend more than half their time in searching of candidates on job boards and coordinating meetings between candidates and interviewers. They toil over weekends and yet their efforts are hardly recognised.

The engineering teams spend nearly 20-30% of their time interviewing potential candidates. The overall sense is that the quality of talent is poor and recruiters are responsible – they are under equipped to identify the right talent. The engineering team constantly complains of interview fatigue as well.

From an HR perspective, attracting the right talent is an issue. For every 100 candidates interviewed, only about 8-10 are shortlisted for offer. About 4-6 of the candidates with offers, join eventually. So, engagement of candidates during the interview process and post-offer becomes key to their joining.

Curatal.com approach to efficient hiring:

CAP: Capture - Apply - Process

Let’s take a closer look at what CAP emplifies…

CAPTURE: Key differentiators & acceptance criteria

Curatal.com’s unique methodology involves careful recording the following Key differentiating parameters ex a list of 6 skills with the breadth & depth of understanding, certification etc. and

Key acceptance criteria ex the weightage that the recruiting manager accords to each skill area and the application abilities expected

CAPTURE: Key differentiators & acceptance criteria

Key differentiating parameters ex a list of 6 skills with the breadth & depth of understanding, certification etc. and

PROCESS: Bring the candidates & SME’s on the video interview platform

Curatal.com automation tools help in coordinating interviews between the candidates and the interviewers. The seamless nature of system-driven interview schedules, self-scheduling of interviews and people-assisted interview schedules add to the experience. The integration to calendar and regular follow up ensures higher attendance.

Curatal.com has over 6000+ subject matter experts (SMEs), who are trained to interview candidates. The SME’s conduct video interviews looking for the key differentiators as well as the acceptance criteria set by the hiring manager. The emphasis is heavy on testing the problem solving ability of the candidates. All attempts are made to ensure claimed knowledge and experience. All candidates are expected to pseudo code as part of this process.

The interviews are structured and objective in nature.

How is interview outsourcing or Interview process outsourcing beneficial to clients?

In the past interviews were conducted by internal teams and were time consuming. Over the last decade, the expectations of customers and the phenomenal global growth have brought a sharp focus on operations excellence. The expectation from Sales, HR, Recruiting & Delivery is to shrink the process, reduce on time-to-market and optimise revenue-profit.

In this context the traditional approach of recruiting does not help. Moreover, recruiters in the tech industry are not trained to evaluate tech candidates. The sheer volume of applicants and the need to evaluate are daunting for both the recruiters and the hiring teams.

Interview process outsourcing (IPO) is a blessing in disguise. The HR leaders, Recruiters & the Engineering teams who embrace it will experience ease of operations.

Key Benefits: The 4Cs

    Capacity: Curatal.com services over 250 clients and has crowd sourced over 6,000 interviewers. As a result of this, a capacity of 18,000 interviews per day is built on the platform. Engineering teams in organizations can leverage this to beat the interview fatigue.

    Competence: Curatal.com offers to interview candidates across 600+ skills panning many domains. The on-demand ability to interview candidates on varied skills is a big advantage. In addition, there is language support, i.e., Chinese, German, French, Japanese, Spanish etc., which is hard to come by. Companies small or large can benefit from dipping into this pool of available interviewers to review their applicants for suitability.

    Classification: Curatal.com’s CAP methodology helps organization classify the potential talent based on the quality measure. The measurement of differentiators and acceptance criteria helps in classifying the candidates into different buckets. The HR and Recruitment teams can therefore pick and choose the right candidates to progress to the next levels. The fitment and the compensation considerations are assisted as a result of this classification.

    Convenience: Curatal.com platform’s use of extensive AI / ML methodologies, automation tools, and advanced analytics create ease of operation for the recruiters. The time and effort saved from manual work can now be used to enhance personal productivity.

    CAP methodology, use of advanced technology (AI / ML), automation tools, advanced analytics and keen sense of customer focus have together built Curatal.com’s success. The growth trajectory that Curatal has achieved in the last 7 years and the growing demand for interviewing services are positive signs. It is our endeavour to reach out to more corporates and usher in …

A New Era of Interview Process Outsourcing!

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