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CURATAL Heads You Win Curatal ushers in curated talent - An idea whose Time is now
CURATAL Heads You Win Curatal ushers in curated talent- An idea whose time is now!

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Glimpse of the webinar - UI/UX: Latest Trends and Career Options
Expert Speak - LK Ananthu
Glimpse of the webinar - "Demystifying DevOps" 19 June 2021
Expert Speak - Srinivasan Desikan
Glimpse of the Webinar - "How To Ace Technical Interviews" - 29 May 2021
Full Video - Webinar Session "Microservices Architecture" 10th July 2021
Expert Speak - Vivek Thakur
Full Video - Webinar Session "DEMYSTIFYING DEVOPS" 19th June 2021
Glimpse of the webinar - "Microservices Architecture" 10 July 2021
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