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  • Every disruption is a celebration of innovation. One such happened in 2015, Two senior members of the talent acquisition space, who between them had nearly 5 decades of industry experience, chose to address a problem that seriously affected the growth of the IT industry: the diverse geographical distribution of candidates, which made it hard for corporates to identify potential candidates.
  • They came up with an innovative solution: a video interviewing platform and cloud-based technology that enables corporates to hire the best fit curated candidates. Thus was born First IPO, the pioneering interview process outsourcing company. First IPO recognized the importance of modern technology and used it as an opportunity to create an AIML based platform to assist corporates and recruiters to identify and evaluate potential talent for their organizations. First IPO provided corporates complete support for conducting interviews, including finding qualified interviewers, scheduling interviews, following up, and performing quality checks.
  • The value proposition was compelling: saving on time and cost and enhancing quality. As the duo take stock of the challenges ahead, First IPO transforms as Curatal, a complete talent management company to provide support to both corporates and candidates in diverse ways.
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