Terms and Conditions

What is Curatal?

Curatal is a brand owned by Progressive Video LLP. First IPO stands for “First Interview Process Outsourcing”. Curatal manages the interview process & also provides an online Digital Skill Evaluation platform offering audio/video based anytime-anywhere interview services globally. The services include online / offline skill evaluation, personality profiling & personal/professional development advisory in the form of coaching & mentoring.
Curatal aims to be the foremost Public Skill Evaluation Platform that the industry can leverage in their search for Quality Talent.

What Personal Information we Capture?

  • Skills, Employment History
  • Name, Phone number, Demographics, Gender and Email.
  • Internet Protocol (IP) address, cookies, location, browser type, access time, error log
  • Video profile and video interview, which may include your bodily image and voice, as well as your surroundings

Information You Choose to Display Publicly on the Network

If you decide to post personal information in the public parts of our sites, it is public. Some users may elect to publicly post personally identifying or sensitive information about themselves in their normal use of the network. This could occur through use of the optional profile fields, in question or answer posts, or when an individual posts etc. Information like that, which is voluntarily posted in publicly visible parts of the network, is considered to be public.

Where do we store this Data?

All First IPO data is stored in secured Amazon Cloud storage

What do we do to protect your Personal Information?

Few specific controls that we have implemented to protect your Personal Information are:
  • Role based access control.
  • Row level security within the database.
  • Encryption for data at rest and during transit.
  • Access to videos and documents using shared access signature.
  • Continuous control monitoring (vulnerability assessment and penetration testing at each stage of SDLC)

How do we comply with Privacy Regulations?

Specific elements of our privacy framework include:
Governance and management-
  • Curatal’s Privacy Policy is based global regulations that govern our operations.
  • Curatal has appointed data privacy consultant to oversee privacy framework, operations, compliance and monitoring.
  • Curatal has in place data transfer agreements across its global entities that govern the data transfer, processing and control.
  • Curatal has put in place a program to conduct risk assessment, identify and adhere to privacy requirements whenever it enters a new territory. (While evaluating candidate in any other country other than India we seek the permission of the participant to video record the discussion)
Should you have any questions, please reach out to our Data Privacy Officer at reach@curatal.com