Customer Success Executive

Company : Curatal
Job Description
The customer success Executive should provide ongoing support to our clients and network with them. The Individual should be able to contribute to building relationships, implementing new programs that will increase our business revenue potentials and minimize churn rates.
The Customer Success Executive’s responsibilities include supporting customers as they transition from sales prospects, building close relationships that often last beyond any one project or job-order lasting process ownership with the business itself.
Ultimately, He/She will work directly with clients to help solve their problems and ensure their satisfaction while they are an active account with us. You will also work closely with other employees to ensure customer questions and concerns are addressed in a timely manner.

Establish clear client retention goals
Process milestones for the clients and employees to work toward
Promote the value of the product
Upsell services and products with the brand image
Promote value through customer experience

Requirements and skills
Proven work experience as a Customer Success Executive or similar role
Experience working with brand image and promoting value through customer experience
Exceptional ability to communicate and foster positive business relationships
Technical skills required, as they relate to the use of the product or service
Accountability and personal organization are essential
Experience in managing a diverse group and training each according to company standards
A communications or marketing degree is preferred